Part II. Decoupage board.

See Part I of the story here.

Was another intensive day, when our teacher told us, that we will decorate boards by gluing one piece of paper onto the whole surface. It may seem that gluing one big piece of paper onto a surface without any creases and bubbles is an easy thing to do. Well I thought so too, till I face the task.

In this post, I will explain you exactly how I decoupage this wooden board, so you can use this tips in your decoupage adventure.

AnnaDecou wooden board, decorative paper
Let’s start :D

What you need:
– wooden board,
– primer,
– spray with clean water,
– decoupage glue,
– brush,
– wallpaper roller,
– decorative paper,
– acrylic paint matching decorative paper
– varnish.

How to do it:
– paint the board with primer – let it dry,
– cut out the paper leaving about 1 cm more from the board edges,
– damp the paper by spraying with water (remove the water excess with dry cloth),
– spread glue evenly over the entire back side of the paper,
– gently glue the back side of the decorative paper with wallpaper roller starting from the bottom to the top of the board surface. In order to remove any bubbles excess, roll the roller on the board starting from the middle and then moving to the edges – let it dry,
– decorate the sides and back of the board with a paint matching the paper – let it dry,
– cover the whole board with few layers of varnish (remember that it must be min. 12 hours break between the varnish layers).

You can add some hooks, like I have decided, and used it as a key hanger or as a paper note board. Possibilities are as many as your imagination can take you.

Dozens of papers was available at the course, very little could one use to decorate an objects for men. Gladly I found this motif – quite masculine. The board will travel to Germany and be a part of Aleksandar new office. :D

Guys feel free to share your experience in the comment section :)

Want to get deeper in decoupage techniques have a look here. :)

Photo: AnnaDecou & A. Glownia.


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