Gifts time :)

Two days and two birthdays – a magic day – 6 of December.

Last night I was a part of Michals celebration. He turned… to a wiser man :D
To his luck, his friend is a decoupage freak. ;P So my gift to him was a decoupage creation. :) He is a young soul and likes to read, so he got this piece with his name on it:

AnnaDecou decorated bookmark, shading

I made a small hole at the top and attached a little, red ribbon, also transfer his surname which you can’t see. Michal can use this as a bookmark or just simply hang on one of his bookshelves.

Celebration number two was a FIRST birthday of Dino’s son.
As far as I know parents like to collect different stuff from the first months/years of their child. For example lock of hair or name tag from a hospital. Probably there are more things that parents collect, but I haven’t had yet occasion to learn exactly what that is. ;P
So here we go! Gaias got a custom box with his name, surnames and date of birth. Hope he likes it. :)

AnnaDecou decorated box for boy birthday, custom

AnnaDecou custom gift, present for boy, bithday

Photo: AnnaDecou & A. Glownia.


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  2. Gorgeous! :)



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