Baroque woman.

With a progression of Baroque, the frequency of woman image appearing on paintings increased. In many paintings where the subject is a woman, I found something mysterious – their glaze. One can think that they look directly at the viewer, but taking a closer glance, one make a conclusion, that their gaze is not so direct. Interpreting the pictures can be quite intriguing. I deeply recommend to get lost from time to time in union with a painting. It can be really rewarding stimulation for your imagination and soul.

Now I would like to present you the lady that inspired me to make a baroque box.

AnnaDecou jewelry decorated box, old look, baroque woman.

AnnaDecou jewelry decorated box, gift, present.Image has crackled surface, which I obtain by using 2 steps cracking medium.

AnnaDecou vintage, double crackle, modeling paste.The ornament is bulge – you can get that effect by using 3d pen.

AnnaDecou decorated box, stencils, gold.All finished with minimum 3 layers of varnish.

Photo: AnnaDecou.

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  1. Love it! :)



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