Christmas coming :)

Christmas ambience @ AnnaDecou :) Let the bells ring! :D

Sweet reindeer box.

AnnaDecou decorated wooden box, reindeer, brocade

AnnaDecou decorated box, gift

AnnaDecou Christmas present, box
In this post, I will explain step by step how can you also make an awesome box. Ready? I hope so. :)
Let’s start!  :)

You will need:
– small box,
– dinner napkin,
– Primer or white acrylic paint, plus another color,
– decoupage glue,
– iron,
– baking paper,
– brocade,
– ribbon,
– silicon stamp,
– sandpaper,
– hot glue,
– varnish.

How to make:
Smooth the box surface with sandpaper and remove dust with a damp kitchen towel. Next, cover the lid with a Primer or white acrylic paint. When dried cover the top with decoupage glue, let it dry a little bit- but not completely. Then, place the first layer of a napkin (the print) on the glued area. Cover the motif with baking paper, then iron it, yes, yes, IRON (max. 120°C) for about 2-3 min. Let it cool.The napkin that left over carefully remove with sandpaper. Cover again the motif with decoupage glue. When dried paint box sides (you may need to do this even 3 times in order to cover the surface properly). Let it dry. Paint inside and bottom of the box. Let it dry. Decorate box with a silicon stamp using acrylic paint. If you wish to add some shines, on chosen areas with a paint brush place some decoupage glue, sprinkle brocade on top of it. When dried brush off brocade excess. Cover first inside, and when dried outside of the box with varnish. Make sure there is min. 5 hours distance between varnish coats. Also after 2nd layer smooth a bit the surface with a sandpaper. Repeat sanding every 2nd layer. Put as many layers of varnish as many it’s needed to achieve a smooth surface. After 2 days glue a ribbon using hot glue. Easy, isn’t it?

Good luck! Looking forward to see some of your work:)

Photo: AnnaDecou & A. Glownia

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  1. Lovely work!



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