A story of a sweet little girl.

When making my first steps in decoupage I watched a lot of tutorials form different sources. Once I saw a video where the author was using a napkin with a sweet motif of a little girl holding a flowers. That motif took my attention and created a desire to get that napkin and use it to make a beautiful box which increased each day. So the quest started. I went to art shops, supermarkets, any places where I could think of that I may find the napkin, but unfortunately I couldn’t find it in Cyprus.

One day during visiting Aleks in Berlin, after a long walk in one of the many beautiful parks, we stopped at post office for some reason – aaa… to ask for directions and…? Yeeeah the sweet little girl was there.

Aleks seeing my excitement got them for me and soon after returning to Nicosia I created this beauty :D

Decoupage box

Decoupage box.

 Does any one know what did I use to make the little 3D dots inside the box?

Decoupage box.

Photo: AnnaDecou & A. Glownia.


  1. […] got a box that I have made a long time ago and kept for a special occasion. This box you can see here. As an addition to ” Sweet little girl” I have made small pen and pencil […]


  2. lovely work!


    1. Thank you! :)



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